The building was quite a bit different before we started. These pics were taken by our Rich Carrol, our architect. We forgot to take our own "before" pictures.

Formerly the dining room looking out into the back yard. Now the floor is dropped and the back wall is gone for our sunken living room.
Dining Room looking back towards where a bathroom used to be.
2nd Floor Hallway - Looking towards the back of the building and down the steps to the Dining room.
Middle room on 2nd floor. Has glassed in windows to the hallway. This room is gone now and is replaced by the Art Library.
Back bedroom - Yep that's paneling on the walls.
More and more panelling.
Second floor bathroom. Turns out we're not renovating this for now. However, the bathroom's sustained quite a bit of damage through renovation so we'll see what happens.
This bedroom has survived but with new closets.
Out the window of the front 2nd floor Bedroom.
Front 2nd floor bedroom had a door to the 2nd floor hallway. We've closed that in.
3/4 bath in 2nd Floor front bedroom. Not renovating for now.
This is the lovely basement. We're facing towards the back of the building at a below grade door with steps up to the back yard. All of the paneling and the door are gone. This back portion of the basement is a crawl space and houses the air conditioner.
Another view. The photographer is standing in what is now the screening room.
Former laundry room is now converted to a bar and my office. No, my office isn't IN the bar.
Rear view of the building. The shed entrance tot he basement is gone as is the lower half of the wall.
The bay window on the 2nd floor is gone.
The trash is gone too.