The Alexander Song

Oh, I'm Alexander and I'm OK
I'm going to fly in space some day.
Mercury, Venus, Jupiter too,
Saturn, Uranus, Neptune will do.

But my favorite planet of all,
Is that famous little red ball.
Mars is the planet just for me
And when I grow up, that's where I'll be.

I'll fly real high in my rocket ship.
I'll wave goodbye when I leave orbit.
Past the Moon and on to Mars
And maybe someday I'll reach the stars.

I'll take along some friends with me.
Together we'll build a Martian city.
We'll work real hard and then we'll play,.
Maybe you'll come and visit some day.

The Martian dirt is awfully red.
The air up there will go to your head.
There's no water in the canals.
But we're going to make it anyhow.

We'll have engineers, farmers and miners too.
Artists and teachers will do what they do.
We're starting up an Earth colony.
My name's Alexander yes siree!