Artfest '98    .... a fable.

The peasant volunteers are tired but happy.  The evil Patzilla and Billzilla  have been vanquished.  Their servitude is over and now they celebrate in the village square.

Vanquished but dry.  Patzilla and Billzilla receive a stern lecture
from the new ruler of the village, Robinstien.
"Volunteers are our most valuable asset.  They must not be
made to carry things and sell things.  They must not be made to
organize things and be frugal in their spending ways.  Patzilla
and Billzilla, you must now join the peasant volunteers in preparations
for their much beloved autumn celebration  ... Montage"

                                                       ....  And they all lived happily ever after.

(Is anybody else worried that the new ruler appears to be intoxicated?)

Thanks very much to ace photographer Tom Park who captured this fable on film.