Michelle Emerson

Meet my Bride

I met Michelle in Dallas at an Arts Fundraiser sponsored by The 500 Inc.  We became friends through volunteering and eventually we dated.  I moved to New Jersey and we stopped seeing each other.

At Gala for the Arts '98 I fell in love with Michelle.  There something about that night that has held us together since.  We realized that we were perfectly fit for each other.

Michelle is a stunningly beautiful woman with an incredibly sharp mind.  We have found it easy to communicate at a level that will keep us both interested both mentally and physically for the rest of our lives.

Michelle is a Mississippi girl and went to Rice University in Houston. She moved to Dallas where I met her. Since she's moved to New Jersey, she's become involved in the Junior League, the Trenton City Museum, the Trenton Arts Connection and Anchor House. Michelle's has started a new business which sell interracially themed greeting cards and gifts over the Internet. The URL is www.meltingpotgifts.com.

We look forward to staying involved our community, reading, writing and eventually raising a family.

Michelle at Gala '98

Glamour Girl



Michelle dashes to the finish line the Dallas Symphony run March 3, 2001

  More Gala


Michelle in the Philly Distance Run 1/2 marathon