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Alien vs. Predator

The worst part of seeing Alien vs. Predator wasn't the lack of character development, the implausible linkage to the previous films or lack of real story. The worst part is having to sit here and write about it.

Alien vs. Predator pits the human hunting advanced race that Arnold beat in the jungle against THE classic Sci-Fi monster who Sigourney Weaver beat. Given that humans have continuously defeated both Alien and Predator, this most recent bout is something of a consolation match. We're really watching a battle between the losers, what's to fear?

Quite a few effects went into the film so its no accident that rather than duke it out in broad daylight where imperfections in the models and animation would show up, this war is set, implausibly, 2000 ft. below the Antarctic ice shelf. Unfortunately no acting was added. That's OK though for a film who's real purpose is to demonstrate how to play with the action figures most certainly in stores in time for Christmas.

In the realm of bad movie making, Alien vs. Predator is the worst kind. It shamelessly borrows from Jurassic Park, Tomb Raider, Stargate, The Mummy, Freddy vs. Jason (and Frankenstein vs. The Werewolf) and the two predecessor movies. Borrowing isn't so bad if the audience gets anything back. If you mistakenly wander in to this stinker, or are drug in like I was, then you'll not feel like you got anything out of the experience. No storyline was advanced (as in the first three Alien movies); no aspect of human nature was explored (2001: Space Odyssey); no interesting new thoughts about civilization were explored (Stargate) and no groundbreaking movie technology was unleashed (Jurassic Park).

Alien vs. Predator is a movie to be avoided. However, according to rules and norms of the Dallas Sunday Movie Club, one must see the opening weekend film with the most senseless action and violence. Rob and Bill, hope you had fun.

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