2005 July 4 BBQ

Hosted by Jim Carlucci, Garry Feltus and Dan Dodson

Dan's BBQ Pit

With all the skilled craftmanship that 20 years of good clean southern living brings to the subject, Dan has faithfully executed his detailed plan for the contraption.
The hickory chips were carefully burned down to charcoals.
Now all that's left is to gingerly place the pork shoulder atop the smoldering hickery chips.
And there it sat for most of the day.
Meanwhile, Garry got his ribs going in the oven.
Jim got the brisket going on the grill.
And Dan finally figured the Pig was done.
Their duties completed, the three BBQ masters stood proud.
Meanwhile, the women prepared the other essential BBQ components ...
... the table was set ...
... and the July 4th crowd was served.
"Back away from the ribs Ann"
"Now that's some good eat'n"