Dan's Going Away Bash
OK, so every body didn't make it all the way home.  So, I got charged $100 for damages.  So, they called security.  Nobody got hurt.   - December 19, 1997

Fucked her
Susan Smith

She wanted to fuck me 
Whitney & Monica                       Ron Paternostro
        Carol, Bill, Jill

Fucked her
        Tami & Dan
Wanted to fuck her
        Cheri & Pat
Fucked her
Some Guy, Jolene, Tim,
Rich's ex-room-mateRich
Fucked her
    Don, Salina, Chuck
Fucked them both
        Lissa & Sharon
Fucked her
    Sharon, Dan, Tami & Dan
didn't fuck them
    The girls from the 5th Floor

Fucked her
        My mystery date