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18 S. Main and Lilly Streets, Lambertville, New Jersey, 08530



Date Visited:

July 22, 2000

De Anna's
Type of Cuisine: Italian

Meal Eaten: Breakfast/Brunch Lunch Dinner


We started the meal with garlic bread. It was coated with garlic butter and really quite good. Next came the eggplant marinade. It was lightly fried eggplant served with rosemary and balsamic vinaigrette. Dan enjoyed this appetizer more than I did. It was too soggy for me. For dinner, I had the pasta with arriabata sauce. The chef wasn't kidding when she said the sauce would be spicy. It was good but this is not a dish for someone who doesn't like hot (spicy) foods. Dan had the pasta with sun-dried tomatoes and pine nut cream sauce. This meal would have been better if the pinenuts had been toasted and some garlic added to the cream sauce. Surprisingly, the cream sauce was lightly tossed with pasta rather than the usual drenching of sauce that you get at most restaurants.

The warm homemade cheesecake with homemade whipped cream was divine.

De Anna's is a cozy Italian restaurant (9 tables) on a side street in a small town. All of the pasta served at De Anna's is homemade. Whether it's psychological or not, the feeling that what you're being served in a restaurant is homemade makes a lot of difference. Not only in taste but how you feel about the restaurant (i.e., the restaurant must really care to serve the best possible food since they take the time to make everything by hand). At the end of our meal, our serve, Michelle, sat down and talked with us about our meal and other restaurants in the area. She's studying hotel/restaurant management. I'd say she's well on her way to know how to deal with customers (taking the time to talk to them).

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