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19 Dennis Street, New Brunswick, New Jersey, 08901

Date Visited:

September 8, 2000
Type of Cuisine: Southern/Soul

Meal Eaten: Breakfast/Brunch Lunch Dinner


I had heard good things about this restaurant so when a group outing was arranged to go here for dinner, I told Dan now was the time to get it a try. I should have lived with the fantasy I had formed about the place. Dan and I started our meals by sharing an appetizer of fried crawfish. Dan thought they were a little spicy but I thought they were great and the best part of the meal. For the main course I had smothered chicken with a marsala gravy, baked macaroni and cheese, and collard greens. Even adding hot sauce didn't make the greens any better. The cheese used on the macaroni and cheese wasn't very good and although I didn't eat a lot of the chicken, I could tell there was nothing special about it. Dan had blackened catfish, mashed potatoes, and corn. He thought the fish was good (not great) and the mashed potatoes were the best part of the meal. How hard is it to boil corn? Well, it must be pretty hard for Delta's because Dan said it was terrible. I had a chocolate cake for dessert. It was alright. One of the best things to say about Delta's is that you get a big serving of food. I got three big pieces of chicken with dinner!

Given the number of people in our party (10), Nebil did a great job with getting everything to the table in a timely manner. That is, until near the end of the meal. Dan and I both ordered ports to go with the chocolate cake. I had my cake at least ten minutes and still no port. I had to remind him that he never brought it, and he seemed surprised that I would still want it. I did get it.

Although neither Dan nor I had them, we were told that the sweet potato fries were good.

Delta's is a beautiful restaurant with lots of seating. We went on a Friday night, and they had a jazz combo playing. I didn't ask but it seemed like this was probably something which happened on a regular basis because there seemed to be a lot of people in the bar area who were there for the music and hanging out with friends.

Wine List? Yes No

Wines/Beverages Sampled:

Callaway Merlot

Service: Excellent Good Fair Poor

Overall Rating: Excellent Good Fair Poor

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Credit Cards Accepted? Yes No