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Full Moon Cafe

23 Bridge St. Lambertville, NJ 08530
Brunch (609) 397-1096
Date: Summer 2002
Full Moon is a busy place because Lambertville is crowded with antique shoppers with more money than sense who are desperate to escape the suburban hells in which they live.

Full Moon looks quaint but is easily over-crowded on a weekend and suffers the result of an inattentive and rude staff. The food portions were small and not exeptional. To top it off, the prices at Full Moon are more in line with mid-town Manhatten than bucolic Lambertville.

I fear that Lambertville and New Hope have become so popular that they've outgrown their usefulness. Full Moon is certainly evidence of the arrogance that sometimes accompanies success.
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Wine List
Party Michelle & Dan
Service Excellent Good Fair Poor Server
Price $$$$ $$$ $$ $ Total $40
Overall Excellent Good Fair Poor Manager