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167 Mulberry Street, New York



Date Visited:

September 11, 1999

La Mela Ristorante
Type of Cuisine: Italian

Meal Eaten: Breakfast/Brunch Lunch Dinner


"Menu" changes daily. We sampled lots of pasta dishes with various sauces. Food is ok but nothing special.

This a cozy family run restaurant in Little Italy. There is a long table in the middle of the restaurant where most of the patrons are seated. When you're sitting at this table, it gives you the feeling that you're eating dinner at a large family gathering because you can very easily end up sitting next to someone you don't know.

There is no menu at this restaurant. The server comes by each course and tells you the chef's daily specials. You tell the server which, if any, of the specials you would like to try. You just keep eating and drinking and you're charged based on the amount of food and drink you consume.

If you're with a date and you want to embarass her, ask the server to have her pull the light cord. (It's very embarassing because the whole restaurant is watching.)

Wine List? Yes No

Wines/Beverages Sampled:

Service: Excellent Good Fair Poor

Overall Rating: Excellent Good Fair Poor

Price: $$$$ $$$ $$ $


Reservations Required? Yes No

Credit Cards Accepted? Yes No