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82 bd du Montparnasse Paris


Date Visited:

February 10, 2000

Léon de Bruxelles 1893
Type of Cuisine: French

Meal Eaten: Breakfast/Brunch Lunch Dinn


This was our first meal upon arrival in Paris. Dan had salmon tarte. It didn’t have a lot of tarte and wasn’t all that. Michelle had carbonard boeuf (beef) aux frites (French fries). As a lover of fries, Michelle wanted to see if the French French fries were as good as the American fries, and they were plenty good. The beef was good, and it had a nice gravy. The bread was the best part of the meal.

Mussels are their speciality. It was a casual place with not much going for it.Waiter was abrupt. Is this what we have to look forward to for the rest of our trip?

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