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534 Rue St. Louis (near St. Louis and Chartres), New Orleans, Louisiana, 70130

Date Visited:

November 27, 1999
Type of Cuisine: New American

Meal Eaten: Breakfast/Brunch Lunch Dinner


Popular Food Network TV chef Emeril Lagasse owns this restaurant. The meal started wonderfully. I had Louisiana crab cakes with a creamy cayenne glaze, shoestring potatoes, pickled okra and Creole tartar sauce. It was delicious. Dan raved about his creamy garlic bisque and basil foccacia croutons. It had two of his favorite items used in cooking (garlic and basil) so the dish couldnít go wrong. After such a great start, we were anxious to get to the main course. I had the hickory-roasted duck with a whiskey caramel sauce, haricots verts (green beans), fire roasted corn salad and buttermilk cornbread pudding which was good. The duck was tender. Dan had another dish that was made for him: wild mushroom pie with balsamic cream sauce, mascarpone, sun-dried tomatoes, fresh herbs and toasted pine nuts. He thought the mushrooms were great but the potpie was boring. Be careful of the sauce because itís a big sticky and Dan had to get a new fork. Now we come to the part of the meal I always enjoy: dessert. Unfortunately, tonight would be a little disappointing. I had my mouth all set to devour the coconut-fried banana split (with coconut-chocolate chip ice cream, and warm fudge and coconut-rum sauces) when to my dismay I found a hair in my ice cream. I whispered it to Dan but the nearby waiter saw the look on my face and rushed to our table to find out what was wrong. After explaining it to him, we were visited by the manager who apologized profusely (They comped desserts which is good since I didnít finish mine). Dan had the chocolate peanut butter pie which he thought was just average.

On the whole, the food was very good. The servers had excellent teamwork. There were about three to four people on each "team" attending to each table. It had a nice interior and even an elevator to take you to the second level.

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Lewis Cellar Sonoma County

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