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St. Lawrence Gap, Christ Church, Barbados



Date Visited:

June 6, 1999
Type of Cuisine: Caribbean - Seafood

Meal Eaten: Breakfast/Brunch Lunch Dinner


Tempura Prawns - These were good. We wish there had been more but there were just enough to tempt you for the main course.

Michelle: Snapper Carib - I liked it.

Dan: Pan Fried Flying Fish - Tasted like veal, but I liked it. Michelle didn't. The mashed potatoes were great.

This was the first restaurant we went to after arriving in Barbados.

We had a great table over the bay with view of Villa Jarrow (The villa we rented for the week.) Prettiest table I've ever had. (Dan)

They served a delicious sherbet as a palate cleaner between courses.

Wine List? Yes No

Wines/Beverages Sampled:

We had a good Mouton Cadet '97 - Rothschild

Service: Excellent Good Fair Poor

Overall Rating: Excellent Good Fair Poor

Price: $$$$ $$$ $$ $


Reservations Required? Yes No

Credit Cards Accepted? Yes No