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328 Lenox Ave. (between 126th and 127th), New York, New York

Date Visited:

June 24, 2000
Type of Cuisine: Southern/Soul

Meal Eaten: Breakfast/Brunch Lunch Dinner


Living on the east coast we had to venture into Harlem and have some soul food cooking. After getting a couple of recommendations, we decided to try Sylvia’s. I was very excited when I saw that they had chitterlings (chitlins for us real Southerners) on the menu. The server brought us out some cornbread to start. It had ginger and nutmeg in it and tasted not gingerbread. This was not appealing to me because I have very strong opinions of what cornbread is supposed to taste like. Sylvia’s redeemed itself when I received my chitlins and greens both of which were delicious. The macaroni and cheese was disappointing because they used that didn’t melt well. Only some portions of macaroni had any cheese, and I expect my macaroni and cheese to be cheesy and well blended. Dan had the grilled catfish and thought it was fine but he prefers the grilled catfish at Downtown Deluxe in Princeton. The banana pudding was good.

There are lots of pictures on the walls of people who have dined here. They also feature a gospel brunch on Sunday. We might try and get back one day for that.

Wine List? Yes No

Wines/Beverages Sampled:

Carolina Peach Tree Mimosa

Service: Excellent Good Fair Poor

Overall Rating: Excellent Good Fair Poor

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