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Chaweng Beach, Koh Samui Island, Thailand

Date Visited:

Thai Baan
Type of Cuisine: Thai

Meal Eaten: Breakfast/Brunch Lunch Dinner


We started the meal with appetizers of spring rolls and spring rolls with prawns. The spring rolls were good until we found a hair. The prawns had been batter-dipped, fried and then rolled in a spring roll skin and fried again. This was a bit too much.

For dinner, Dan had pan-fried noodles with chicken. He found it to be very filling and was done after only four bites. I had the very tasty prawns with curry sauce.

This restaurant served very fresh seafood. They had a case in front of the restaurant for you to choose your fish and lobster fresh for certain dishes and you could tell the chef how to prepare it. This freshness came at a price. There was a hawker out front who tried to convince everyone at the restaurant they must have the fresh fish. If you made any indication that you might consider fresh fish, he would go to the display case and bring some to your table for you to choose from (if he couldn't convince to visit the display case yourself). The waiter messed up my dinner by bringing me the wrong thing. The waitress who brought our drinks wore a constant frown all evening and we wanted to pay to send her to customer service school. The entertainment was good. There were two women performing traditional Thai music. Although we couldn't understand a word of it, the singer had a beautiful voice. There's probably a better restaurant on Koh Samui.

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Michelle had the house Thai wine (white). It was quite tasty.

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