Mack Misses Larger Picture





by Dan Dodson (Published in "Letters to the Editor, Trenton Times, 3/23/06")

In the Times article "Candidate questions efforts to promote Trenton Marriott", 1/31/06, Tony Mack demonstrates a disturbing lack of business acumen. The City of Trenton is an investor in the Marriott hotel by virtue of it's bond guarantee. It has a say in who runs the hotel and how that company, Marriott, is incented. It doesn't dictate marketing tactics. As Dennis Gonzalez points out, Marriott has extensive marketing capability and Mr. Mack likely doesn't.

Instead of questioning the big decisions the Mayor would actually make (replace Marriott, sell the hotel or make the records public), Mack is focusing on minutia like family tours and rental car passes. Corporate shareholders would look askance at a CEO who involved himself in the weeds of managing a hotel rather than big picture strategic issues.

Trenton's shareholders (voters) need more management savvy from the next Mayor of Trenton.

Dan Dodson
Trenton Resident
Management Consultant

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Copyright 2005, Dan Dodson