Pulling homes out from under them





by Dan Dodson (Published in "Letters to the Editor, Trenton Times, 6/9/06")

Trenton City Council (with the laudable exception of Milford Bethea and Annette Lartigue) recently took an unprincipled stand by allowing a private firm, Hovanian, to benefit form the victimization of some of Trenton's citizens through eminent domain. They voted to allow the city to proceed with plans to force the homeowners to sell at the developer's price ("Candidate assails council on redevelopment vote," May 20).

We as Trenton voters are ultimately responsible and have elected the very representatives who made this unfair decision in our names.

Fortunately, we have the opportunity to correct our collective mistake in the upcoming June 13 run-off election. Jim Carlucci, Jim Coston, Kathy McBride and Alex Bethea all take the principled stand against eminent domain. John Ungrady, Paul Pintella, Cordelia Staton and Manny Segura voted for eminent domain. It's our choice

Dan Dodson, Trenton

The writer is a Leadership Trenton fellow.

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Copyright 2006, Dan Dodson