Our rights going up in smoke





Letter to the Editor, Trenton Times, January 18, 2006 by Dan Dodson

As a non-smoker, the idea of eating in a smoke filled restaurant is truly repulsive. Yet, a lover of freedom would certainly fight for the right of bar and restaurant owners to offer that environment and for smokers to enjoy it. Apparently NJ’s Assembly isn’t inspired by Trenton’s role in the fight against government oppression; they’ve put government control ahead of economic and personal freedom.

In a country of free people we must be protective of all our rights, lest we fall under the rule of tyranny.

To overcome this set-back to the Spirit of 1776, I urge lovers of freedom to speak out. I encourage the restaurant and bar industry to not go quietly into the night. I remind future candidates to make this an issue during the next election. Finally, I beg voters to look at public smoking on private property as a choice, a choice that represents freedom.


Dan Dodson is a management consultant and Leadership Trenton Fellow.

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Copyright 2006, Dan Dodson