Thank You Mr. Mayor





Letter to the Trenton Times Editor by Dan Dodson

As a long time critic of RCAs, I’m amazed and thankful that Trenton has finally come to realize how damaging a policy it is.  Mayor Palmer’s recent position to not relieve Hopewell of its obligation to subsidize housing means Trenton can focus on its own lack of housing diversity.  We desperately need more free market housing, and high end housing in particular, in order to rejoin the regional economy.

Perhaps we in Trenton can once again make our town a desirable home for people who could live anywhere. We have a lot of work to do in that regard. 

I don’t know what caused this change of heart, but all Trentonian’s should be thankful nonetheless

Dan Dodson is a management consultant and Leadership Trenton Fellow.

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Copyright 2007, Dan Dodson