Christmas in VA 2001
We briefly visited Winston-Salem and then drove up towards Charlottesville, Wintergreen and the Blue Ridge Parkway to Cabin Troutwood. I had big fun cooking on the grill overlooking the creek in back of Cabin Troutwood . The cabin was small but comfy. It was just right for a couple and convenient to skiing and Wintergreen and plenty of hiking. We ate out in Charlottesville and toured through Monticello and Ash Lawn.

Come and listen to a story about man named Dan .....

... poor mountaineer barely kept his family fed.

Cabin Troutwood (click through to book it)

Then one day he was hunting for some food and ...

... well we sort of got lost and wandered around in the mountains for a few hours.

We got to see Ash Lawn, the home of President James Monroe.

And ... the home of his slaves. We should point out that at both Ash Lawn and Monticello, slaves were kept but both presidents Monroe and Jefferson practiced a benevolent form of slaveholding.

The classic debate is whether to condemn these men for their slaveholding or forgive them the times in which they lived.