500 Inc. Ski Trip '98
 The 500 Inc.  Ski Trip made its way to Copper Mountain this year.  Sharon O'Boyle did a great job organizing the trip.  27 people made the trip this year and for the first time 3 (not 1 but 3) happy hours were held.  Copper doesn't have any nightlife but I guess it didn't really matter.
Playing in the Snow 
Ski Safety Happy Hour 
Hawaiian Happy Hour 
Big Dog Olympics 
Playing in the Snow
Ski Bunnies
The Toms  - Bannon & Park on top of Copper Mtn.

                    I'll be down in a second

                            Hey Michelle ....
                                                Yes Dan.
                            What if our faces froze ... just like this
Ski Resort Cafeteria Critics
"We highly recommend the Fries.  The Coke was a perfect blend of syrup and carbonated water.   Watch out  for the Sushi"
We're too busy taking pictures to catch the bus on time
Ski Safety Happy Hour

                        Making Spinach Balls

                                    Uuuh ... Cooties

Face Plant Fizzies  & Jello Shots & our Artfest Director
Hawaiian Happy Hour

    No more Blue Drinks for you Pat
Meet my sister Sharon.
Aloha from Lissa, Phil, Tom, Pat, Pamela & Brother Bill

                            The Big Khuna


You know I was just thinking ...
        Hawaii is great place for a honeymoon.

                                            Girl Talk

Big Dog Olympics
Don't Knock ....  Bark!

                            The Big Dogs

The 100 Inch Lemon Roll  - Tommy Hendricks

            The Women's Hot Tub Freestyle

The 1 Man, 1 Reindeer  Bobsled