Wedfest ... A Modern Fairytale  - Part 2

…The happy young couple moved into a pretty little house 

right on the beach.

The house had a very nice garden 
with pretty flowers that matched the young woman’s outfit. 

It had a yard for the pets 
and a really awesome basement, something you don’t always find at the beach. 

The young man and young woman were very happy as they explored the country together.

They explored the beaches. 17

They explored the jungles.

They explored casual bistros by the sea,
fine dining on the cliffs 
and over 1600 rum bars.
They examined the country’s defense systems 
and economy (the only McDonald’s in the world to go bankrupt is now a car dealership).

After all of their explorations, the young couple was just plain pooped.

So, they took a rest.

After all the exploring and all the resting, it was time to go back to the couple’s homeland.  They closed up their island cottage

and went to see their family and friends in the far away land of Dallas.
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