Wedfest ... A Modern Fairytale  - Part 3
The local inhabitants were happy to see the couple 

so they made a festival called Wedfest. 

There was plenty of excellent food and a beautiful cake with pretty colors painted on it.

The party was held in a lovely hall in the middle of a garden 
where the people put flowers from the garden on the table. 

The people ate and drank and danced the night away. 

They boogied, oogie, oogied
until they just couldn’t boogie no more.
and their feet hurt. 

Other happy couples smiled and watched the
young couple enjoy themselves

 The families talked secretly about when the couple would start a family of their own. 

Friends enjoyed drinks together and stood in small groups discussing cigars, 
and festival management. 

Pretty women giggled and smiled because the young woman looked so happy and in love

The young couple was, in fact, very happy especially because they were first in line for the cake and champagne.
Two famous orators from the village gave eloquent speeches that enraptured the crowd.
They spoke of the need to stay together and only have eyes for each other.   They spoke of the value of old friends. 
The orators extolled the virtues of strong families.
and planning fun parties that the community can enjoy together. 

These very wise orators explained that a new family should always be prepared with cable ties, a cutter and a good power tool. 
Some people had to have it explained to them again.

The young couple was happy to hear the words of their wise friends.

They thanked their friends and family for coming to Wedfest and everybody smiled because they were all very  happy .
"Gosh that was a fun party", said two of the merry revellers, "We’d like to do it again but we’re just too tired."
Not to worry, the sexy wedding videographer in the short black dress got it all on tape.

... and they lived happily ever after.
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Thanks to Tom Park for his excellent pictures.  Also Steve Cumberbotch of Barbados and Jim Doyle of Dallas.