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Trentonians want more libraries than they deserve

We Trentonians apparently have the notion that we’re entitled to services far beyond both our means and our needs.

In 2006, many Trentonians and their politicians were in an uproar as Capital Health Systems planned to close one of their two hospitals in town. We were upset even though Trenton has a far higher ratio of hospital beds to people than the rest of NJ and the nation. Even with just two hospitals, our average is higher. Though there will be no shortage of hospital facilities, it was just the appearance of losing the entitlement to more than its fair share of services that ticked off Trentonians.

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Urban Revitalization is harder than Rocket Science

It is rare in America that an inner city is truly revitalized. Sometimes, cities bounce back like Cleveland, New York, Washington and now maybe Newark.

But with the possible exception of New York no inner city has turned itself into a “shining city on a hill”. No inner city, and Trenton is an example, has turned squalor into enlightened civilization. Read the rest of this entry »

The case for dumping city owned property

The city is by far the largest single holder of vacant and underutilized real estate in Trenton. This is a long standing situation and is not in the best interests of Trentonians.

It is inevitable to hear Trenton politicians and citizens alike exclaim that, while the city should sell its vacant holdings, “we shouldn’t give them away”.

Oh really? And just how have the fine folks at city hall, and many of our leading activists come to this conclusion?

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