Candidate Budget Scorecard Results

The Fix Trenton’s Budget committee created a multiple choice survey to assess the aptitude and policy perspective of Trenton’s municipal candidates.  This was the committee’s major pre-election project.  We hope it gives some perspective on the kinds of things that are necessary to fix the problem and the candidates who are most in tune with the correct solutions.

Dealing with Trenton’s budget in the long term means

  • Having clear goals and focused priorities,
  • Turning Trenton into a developer-friendly city,
  • Re-tooling our tax system to stimulate investment and to be fair
  • Putting a budget process in place that lets our city adapt to change

We weighted the question areas as follows

  • Budget goals and levels at 30%,
  • Development issues at 40%,
  • Re-balancing at 20% and
  • Budget process at 10%.

Scores were between 1 and 10.  “No answer” got a zero.

Below are the results of our Scorecard survey.

Christine Donahue and Jim Carlucci both scored well in the At Large race.  Carlos Avila was the only respondent from the South Ward.  Eric Jackson and Frank Weeden did best in the Mayor’s race.  Roland Laird gave the best responses in the North Ward.  Kevin Moriarity was the only respondent in the West Ward.  Verlina Reynolds-Jackson was the only respondent in the East Ward but is far out of alignment with our budget priorities.

Candidates who didn’t respond either don’t have clear positions and know it or are don’t consider it a priority.  The survey took 15 minutes to complete, shorter than many canvassing visits.  The Budget Committee doesn’t recommend any of these candidates.

Candidate Score Position
Best Score Possible 100%  
Christine Donahue 85% At Large
Jim Carlucci 83% At Large
Carlos Avila 82% South Ward
Eric Jackson 79% Mayor
Frank Weeden 78% Mayor
Roland Laird 77% North Ward
Kevin Moriarty 73% West Ward
Algernon Ward 71% At Large
Marge Caldwell-Wilson 67% North Ward
John Harmon 61% Mayor
T. Missy Balmir 60% At Large
Annette Lartigue 59% Mayor
Keith Hamilton 56% Mayor
Verlina Reynolds-Jackson. 47% East Ward
Juan Martinez 36% At Large
John Vaughan, Jr. - West Ward
Joyce Kersey - West Ward
Zachary Chester - West Ward
Crystal A. Smith - South Ward
George Muschall - South Ward
Dennis Vereen - North Ward
Divine Allah - North Ward
Marvin W. Ford - North Ward
Alex Brown - Mayor
Manny Segura - Mayor
Paul Pintella - Mayor
Shahid Watson - Mayor
Tony Mack - Mayor
Errick Wiggins - East Ward
Joseph Harrison - East Ward
Kesner Dufresne - East Ward
Zane Dion Clark - East Ward
Alex Bethea - At Large
Darren Green - At Large
Donnelle Presha - At Large
Ernest Perez Jr. - At Large
Kathy McBride - At Large
Phyllis Holly-Ward - At Large
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3 Responses to “Candidate Budget Scorecard Results”

  • Non believer:

    This is wack. What next, a poll to see if the candidates can “fight crime.” Come on!!! Truthfully, only the top 3 have respectable numbers. I would hate to have my child bring home a 79% in accounting!!

  • Trentonian:

    I’m sure this was created by some Mill Hill people who are out of touch with Trenton and really think they are relevant. Just because a candidate didn’t respond does not mean they don’t have clear positions and know it or don’t consider it a priority. That is so arrogant of you all to say that and to think that your recommendation for NOT considering someone

    (And check your site for typos while your at it).

  • It’s hard to imagine what the above two commentators are thinking.

    They apparently believe that maintaining a sustainable city isn’t important. The reference to Mill Hill is odd given that that neighborhood is one of the few middle class areas in the city.

    Perhaps the upshot is that Trenton should be left to the poor and doesn’t need tax revenue. Given that the State has grown weary of subsidizing Trenton’s budget, lac of tax revenue will lead to a cut in services, notably police, which will further drive away the middle class (as it has for the last 30 years).

    Is it arrogant to want better. What’s out of touch about wanting to preserve a decent society in Trenton.

    The commentators seem like the very people who have supported Trenton’s decline and would welcome its further decline through inattention to the city’s fiscal state of affairs.

    Our committee hopes to shine a light on the “head in the sand” approach many Trentonians have been taking towards our budget. I’ve let these “un-signed” comments be published as an example of the attitude responsible citizens need to repel.

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