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Shut up about Heritage Tourism in Trenton

Maybe its just me but I think every politician in Trenton that’s ever used the words “Heritage tourism” should just shut the hell up.

You can’t even control the systematic destruction of what little “heritage” we have in downtown Trenton.

It’s pretty pathetic.

Scott Miller lays your ineptitude bare pretty much every day. If you don’t know how to stop the city’s destruction, how can you be left to revitalize it.

This isn’t new. The bad sidewalk and road repair has been going on for years. The streetlights have been out for years. The garbage problem has existed for years. Willy the Brickthrower has been on the loose for years. The Battle Monument has been abandoned for years. The hotel has been vacant and derelict for years.

These are basic problems.

You ran for your offices. You convinced voters that you knew what to do. If you had no clue or were happy to blame others then why did you run?

Council and Mayor not agreeing isn’t an excuse. That doesn’t fix anything. Get our city working to fix the basic easy things.

Crime and education are hard. Holding Trenton Water Works, The Sewer Department, PSE&G and Trenton Parking Authority accountable for their destruction of brick pavers and dealing with Willy should be easy.