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Wrong-headed Trenton City Council moves to ban 5G

There are so many things wrong with out City Council, I’m sure the sunshine up you butt contingent will prefer to not hear it but as has been reported, they are once again falling for Internet hoaxes.

But what about the notion of banning wireless Internet on its face?

Is it a good idea to limit Internet competition in Trenton? That’s the actual impact of the ordinance that was proposed?

Let’s review some basic Economics that perhaps escaped the attention or our well studied City Council.

An increase in supply leads to a decrease in price given a constant demand. We call that the Law of Supply and Demand. It’s covered in Econ 101. If you learn one thing about Economics in school this is what you learned. Apparently our City Council members missed that day.

Allowing new wireless providers (in particular 5G) into a market or enabling existing providers to expand, increases supply of Internet access. To be clear, if AT&T can offer 5G service in Trenton they will be able to compete with Comcast and Verizon for your home Internet business. Increased supply leads to increased competition which leads to lower prices.

The net effect of the Trenton City Council’s proposed ban on 5G will be to keep Internet prices unnecessarily high.

Voters should remember this come the next election. But I won’t hold my breath.

Will our actions match our revitalization words?

Hopefully our city council will quickly move away from the issue of the council president’s “race”. It is unseemly to think that race divides our city council.

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