No clever new policy idea today.  Because what would it matter?  Trenton is governed, at least legally, by the worst Mayor ever.   I’m mad.   All Trentonians should be mad.  Our City Council members should be furious, except for the worthless three who’ve propped up the Convicted Occupant of the Mayor’s Office, Tony Mack.

I’m so mad that I think of storming City Hall often. I imagine thousands of angry citizens with torches and pitchforks, busting through security up to the Mayor’s office and knocking down the door. I think of riot police with tear-gas being forced into duty.

I envision CNN, ABC and the BBC covering the riot with choppers and camera crews.

Then, after days of international media coverage, the Attorney General refers the matter to the State Supreme Court. Out of fear of more public backlash, the court rules on the matter and sends Tony Mack to the deepest pit of prison hell, takes away pensions and for good measure re-writes our statutes concerning succession. Out of fear for their political futures (and a bit for their physical well-being) the legislature pass it in a week so this travesty never happens again.

You’ll excuse the vitriol.   It’s been 3 ½ years of suffering this fool and I’m tired and angry.

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  • This is what happens when the “People” them self’s can’t understand how to really vote, they vote by the race card in Trenton and this is the result, you can go back to “Palmer” he knocked down all those homes at the Battle Monument area, “GAVE THEM” new ones now look at the conditions there in today, so with the low-life sent packing the establish themselves in a “CLEAN” neighborhood and destroy every one of them as they do throughout the City what a bunch of scum

  • Michael Smith:

    Many people are cowards by nature,they curry favor at the first sign of authority legitimate or not.
    City Hall should have been stormed with torches and pitchforks long ago. The people should have been outraged years ago as the previous administration put the city up for sale and indebted the taxpayers to millions of dollars. While I in no way countenance the crimes Tony Mack have been convicted of the reason why so many people are outspoken against him is because he is weak politically.Mayor in name only.
    While grievances against the previous administration were spoken in whispers.They were able to award their friends and punish enemies.
    Of which Mack is an example. While Mack can do neither and is paying the price.
    Christie is another example whose administration was willing and able to punish their enemies and reward friends and allies.

  • Ava Johnson:

    Trenton is a city of the haves and the have nots. Transients come in and make their money and then flee to the suburbs leaving the city dwellers to fend for themselves. There is no opportunity or vitality. Trenton is without thriving businesses or culture. It is a dark and gloomy city. When the city and state workers go back to their homes or suburban communities the streets are taken over by thugs and drugs . It is their city when everyone goes home. They run it and they can because we are all in our corners mowing our pretty lawns in our neighborhoods talking about all of the bad people. Next time you complain, Ask yourself what YOU can do to make it better. Will a black Mayor make it better obviously not. Will a white governor of the state of New Jersey whose capital is the city of Trenton make it better , obviously not.

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