What does an all night art show mean to Trenton?

For Trenton watchers who missed the news that a new arts festival called “Art All Night” happened over the weekend (June 21-22), you need to get your glasses checked. The promotion was everywhere.

“Art All Night” is a free event sponsored by Artworks in Trenton that showcases art submitted by anybody that wants to. Every professional and amateur artists was welcome to submit 1 piece and as a result over 600 artists were represented. In addition: films, bands, art demonstrations and food were part of this quirky art event led by Michael Gumpert and now in its 2nd year.

The event moved to a new space this year, a ~100,000 SF former Roebling wire rope factory and attracted many more patrons (probably double or triple) than last year’s already healthy attendance.

But the question is, what does it mean to Trenton?

Without the city spending a dime and with barely any involvement from city hall, this event has grown to one of Trenton’s largest attractions. Like the Trenton Film Festival before it, “Art All Night” was built with grass roots effort to make Trenton more attractive to potential residents and in particular to the much sought after creative class.

Trenton’s target market is the very people that would be come to such an event. They’re outgoing, engaged and interested in being stimulated by creative energy. They won’t find this in Hamilton, Ewing, West Windsor or even Princeton.

The very fact that several thousand people could be milling around the Roebling Market enjoying art at midnight on a Saturday night sends a strong signal to both potential residents and businesses.

That is, “You won’t be bothered by crime if you try to have fun in Trenton”.

At this point, this is THE important thing to get across. There we all were, women, children, black, white, businessmen and artists hanging out looking at art smack in the middle of Trenton. No issues.

“Art All Night” makes Trenton more attractive for the very people we want as neighbors and it costs the city nothing.

Our only cost was the effort and time of the volunteers. Trentonians can repay them by signing up now to help operate the event next year. As a Trentonian, this is almost as good an investment as you can make in the future of your city.

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One Response to “What does an all night art show mean to Trenton?”

  • Unknown Trentonian:

    I had a really good time at the Art all night. As a long time Trenton resident, it was refreshing to see something cultural that was as well represented as the Art all night.

    I would love to see more events like this one. Iwas unaware that City Hall had no input in this. Thats probably why it was so well attended and well run. It seems as if most of the people who attended and volunteered were from out of town. BRAVO! Anyway to showcase the cities many venues to outsiders is a plus.

    I definetly will attend next year.

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