NPR’s “This American Life” from Trenton

A simplistic and misleading account of Trenton’s budget dilemma.

That said, listening to it at least paints the picture of the problem. We don’t have a collective understanding of the problem or the solutions. There’s a leadership vacuum around the subject of revitalizing Trenton.

This inspires me to help in the organization efforts for Trenton’s new political group, “The Majority for a Better Trenton”.

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2 Responses to “NPR’s “This American Life” from Trenton”

  • BK:

    Wowza. I caught the tail end of this report Sunday. I’m appalled and surprised things are this bad. Tell me more about ‘The Majority for a Better Trenton’. I’ve long thought the non-partisan elections are a detriment to the city. The overwhelming number of candidates divide the votes and the incumbents keep getting elected. Such a civic group to support competent candidates would be a big help for Trenton. I’d like to help if I can. BTW, Although I also would pay more for cops, I believe Trenton can accomplish much with the tax revenue it currently collects.

  • Bill:

    And as usual, we have NO COMMENT from the dear leader or his cronies. I bet they declined to be interviewed as well. What a SAD and very embarrassing story to be told to the WHOLE COUNTRY!!!

    I’m ready for a Trentonian Spring. We need it bad.

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