Trenton’s Mayor hates bloggers

As we speak, Trenton Mayor, Tony Mack, is criticizing bloggers at a special City Council meeting. He thinks that people like me criticize him too much.

He probably thinks it unfair, that there are literate people living in Trenton who are wise to his inability to manage a city. He says that “He doesn’t want to be part of anything negative”. Our Mayor has a blind eye when it comes to criticism. He’s under the impression that everything he does is right and that everyone who disagrees is trying to “take down” Trenton.

The foolishness of our Mayor really comes through when he says things like this.

Why would tax-paying residents of Trenton, like myself, spend so much time writing, researching and otherwise recommending ways to improve our city, if all we wanted to do was “take down” the city. No, of course that’s crazy. We and the 8500 voters who signed the recall petition have simply had enough. We know there’s a better way to run our city and that our city can be much better than it is today.

Our Mayor, in another display of foolish management tonight, just claimed in public that he was saving money by using Acting Directors instead of real “qualified and approved” Directors. Given that our charter requires us to employee real Directors in order to manage the affairs of the city in a professionsal manner, the Mayor is essentially saying, “I’m saving money by not managing the city well”. Being somewhat of a student of management, I can assure Reinvent Trenton readers that the “Run it into the Ground” school of management has never really caught on.

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One Response to “Trenton’s Mayor hates bloggers”

  • Resident:

    “Why won’t you just give the man a chance?” At least that’s what the Mack sycophants say. You’re not giving the man a chance, as if somehow by blogging, you and others are preventing them from governing (or as sane and intelligent people would say, “running the city completely into the ground).

    Tony Moron probably thought he really would ride into town on a white stallion and “bring the city back to life” (a stupid euphemism used by his sycophants) to the adulation of all. And since he got a hostile council and vociferous opponents in the citizenry, he can’t understand it. And it hurts his little feelings.

    He’s probably lost all his “actionable hope” to get things done around the city (all of which are post-last-minute and never thought through). Awwwwwwwwwwww.

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